Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Trip- Molocaboc Island


I'm glad to be back!!!!

I'm from a trip in an Island of BIG JARS. It's Molocaboc Island located in Negros Occdental. Apart from that I also got another chance of visiting a well kept sand bar- Carbin Reef- home of millions of marine species. I went diving and strolling but most of all, I enjoyed being with the people.

Molocaboc is an island with swelling stories of the past. Imagine, living in a piece of land deprived of freshwater... (try digging the ground and you will find brackish/salty water not safe for drinking). They rely mainly in rain water, which explains the presence of gigantic jars in open areas used to collect rainwater.

A night in the island is a very overwhelming experience. You will hear nature's sound which slurs in a magical music that vibrates the ear. Sobrang ganda at sobrang tahimik...
Joining the fishers in their night trips is another adventurous activity which made my heart jump. Imagine a very small motorized boat which allows a single fisher in each trip... They usually tie their waists with rope attached to the boat and dive their wits to the cold, dark sea.... Deadly, isn't it? But that is what they do to feed all the hungry stomachs off shore.
I made my 2-day stay in the island worthwhile by tanning myself in the friendly shimmers of the mighty sun while brushing my heels in the virgin frolic along the beach. So, okay na sana ako... I run towards the house where I am staying to take a bath and to free my skin from the salty spray of the sea... WHHHHAAAAAA!!!! A young lady approached me smiling... "Why did you bathe in the beach?"... What a question! Feeling ko stupid sya, I am in a research trip and of course part of the deal is for me to get wet... di ba obvious yun!!

She cut the silence with, "kaya mo pa bang tiisin na di maligo hanggang makarating kayo sa Vito?" (Vito is a town/brgy with a port where most of the island's people dock going to the mainland). I asked her why... She answered.. nakalimutan mo ba, walang ulan ngayon, wala tayong pangbanlaw... (It didn't rain, we run out of freshwater supply). I was so ashamed that time not because I will be smelling foul for a 2-day abstinence in taking a bath but because I presumed so much without knowing the very important details in my travel... Baka magisip ang mga yun na feeling sosyal ako. They can even discipline themselves not to take a bath for a week tapos ako parang demanding magassume na makakaligo...

For the love of science, work and for the genuine concern of the island folks (naks!), I kept my stenching body secure in the motorboat back to Vito port. Off the record to ha, nobody dared to talk to me when I was in the boat. I think they even hold heir breath for a couple of seconds... sobrang baho ko talaga siguro. Wahahahaha!!!! At least... I enjoyed my trip and I learned a lot.. Alam ko na ang isusulat ko sa research output... Secret lang...

(In fairness maraming gentleman doon sa Molocaboc Island... kaya lang kulay mahogany ang mga buhok at kulay adobo ang balat... hehehehe..yummy.. another planet to behold talaga ang Molocaboc)

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